EASYlift Benefits

Why choose the EASYlift™ System?

  • Smooth up & down sliding of the sash window.
  • Minimal effort to open the window.
  • No rattling or noise.
  • Sealed and draft proof.
  • Sash never sticks even if the wood expands or contracts with temperature(e.g. summer/winter months).
  • Safe & Secure.
  • Easyliftsystems are virtually invisible when installed.
  • Specifically designed and engineered for sliding sash timber windows.
  • Window Energy Rating of Band A is obtainable using the easylift system.
  • Can be used on any size and type sash window.
  • Reliability and quality assured.
  • Custom built and are fully pretensioned to every particular sash.
  • Liner will Never Fade or Discolour with time or sunlight.
  • No Wood on Wood Contact with sash and window frame.
  • EASYlift™ systems are virtually invisible when installed